• What is the validity of my credits?

    Your MT BEEP Customer Portal credits never expire.

  • Do you have any extra fees?

    No. You pay only for sent SMS.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we do. Your discount will depend on the volume of SMS text messages sent per month. For further information please contact your manager.

  • What support options do you offer?

    Our Support Team can be reached 24/7 via Skype or email at support@mtbeep.com.

  • How safe is my data in Customer Portal?

    We keep your data as secure as possible. All your data including contact lists gets encrypted and backed-up.

  • How many countries and networks can I reach via MT BEEP?

    MT BEEP works worldwide.

  • How do I start sending bulk messages using Customer Portal?

    Register on our Customer Portal and you’ll automatically get free credits on your balance to test our service. Upload the list of mobile numbers in international format, enter your text message and click “Send”.

  • Do I need to install any software?

    No need to download any software. Log in from any Internet-enabled device.

  • Which file formats do you support for uploading contacts?

    You can upload your Contacts List in the following formats: txt, xls/xlsx, csv.

  • How many messages can I send per day?

    There is no limit on the number of sent SMS per day. Delivery speed is from 50 messages per second.

  • Can customers reply to my SMS messages?

    Currently, MT BEEP doesn’t provide two-way SMS messaging.

  • What is HLR lookup

    HLR (Home Location Register) is a centralized database where one can find a detailed info about each subscriber of a mobile network. HLR lookup is used to check the status of mobile numbers and to filter out numbers that are no longer in use. You can use our HLR lookup service directly from your account.

  • Is it possible to change the sender ID?

    We offer a full-featured bulk SMS service, which includes the support of a dynamic sender ID, so you can use alphanumeric numbers.

  • Why are my text messages only 70 characters long?

    SMS body length is limited to 140 bytes, which makes up 160 GSM-encoded characters (7 bits per character) or 70 Unicode-encoded characters (2 bytes per character). If your message length is limited to just 70 characters, it means that you are requesting Unicode encoding.

  • Can I send long text messages?

    Yes, you can. A long text message is split into segments of 132 bytes each (152 GSM characters or 66 Unicode characters).

  • What are the regulations regarding bulk SMS marketing?

    Features and restrictions of mobile messaging vary around the world depending on regulations, routes used and operators. You are strongly recommended to check the laws of your country or consult a lawyer to make sure you stay clear of the legal trouble when you send bulk text messages.

  • Why does messaging fail?

    There’s a large number of reasons why a message may not be delivered immediately. The top 3 reasons for a message failing are as follows:

    • The mobile handset is switched off or out of coverage, and the message expires before it is delivered;
    • The number you are sending to has been incorrectly formatted or does not exist or is a fixed line number. Check the number carefully;
    • There is an issue with the network at that moment or a network is imposing a curfew (typically at night).
  • Why do I need to pay for non-delivered text messages?

    You pay for all text messages that have been sent regardless of their delivery status because we still have to pay the carrier for their transmission.

  • My question is not listed here. What should I do?

    Please contact support@mtbeep.com via e-mail or Skype.